MCJA Judging Sheets
MCJA Judging Sheets

Streamline your process with stylized sheets formulated from years of experience.

The following are sample officiating note sheets used by different MCJA officials. The Competitive Cheer manual and score sheets included in the manual supersede any sheet here. Officiating note sheets are provided as a guide only to aid in the officiating process. Officiating note sheets can be submitted by any MCJA member.

File Size
All Panel All Rounds 2017
247.2 KB
All Safety All Rounds 2017
352.1 KB
Round 2 Safety-MS
48.5 KB
Round 3 Safety-MS
34.1 KB
All Rounds-MS
82.0 KB
Round 1 Safety
47.3 KB
Round 2 Safety
62.2 KB
Round 3 Safety
35.7 KB
Round 1 Panel
48.3 KB
Round 2 Panel
31.3 KB
All Rounds Panel-HS
94.0 KB
All Rounds Safety-HS
81.1 KB
All Rounds Panel-MS
68.0 KB
All Rounds Safety-MS
139.9 KB
All Rounds Safety
6.0 KB
All Rounds-HS
62.1 KB
Safety Quick Reference
285.2 KB
Round 1 and 2 Team Sheet
309.7 KB
Comment Judge Sheet Round 1
285.8 KB
Comment Judge Sheet Round 2
300.5 KB
Comment Judge Sheet Round 3
2.0 MB

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