MCJA Fall Conference
MCJA Fall Conference

The MCJA Fall Conference is the most in depth training event of the year!

MCJA Fall Training 2023
November 12th
1661 Ramblewood Drive
East Lansing, MI 48823

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One-year MCJA Membership = $20.00
Additional charge for training includes box lunch = $25.00

What to expect:
You, the MCJA Membership spoke and we listened!  The training will be tailored to help the Novice as well as the Veteran Safety/Panel Official.

2023 Schedule:

8:00 am
Doors open – Registration
Welcome & General Membership Meeting
Opening Keynote – Kathy Westdorp
Session 1: Many, Different, Difficult – Panel Rd 1
Session 2: Pre-Meet Prep
Session 3: Stunts – a Safety session
Session 4: How to be a mentee/mentor – a fun way to learn the mechanics!

Session 1: Identical – Panel Rd 2
Session 2: Tumbling and Jumps
Session 3: Stunts – a Safety session
Session 4: Novice Panel:  Rd 1, 2, 3
Session 1: Remaining Consistent with differing team size
Session 2: Tumbling and Jumps
Session 3: Novice Safety
Session 4: Novice Panel:  Rd 1, 2, 3
Lunch & Official of the Year
Session 1: What’s New?  MIGS Update and more…
Session 2: Arbiter
Session 3: Attempt vs Non-Attempt – panel & safety
Session 4: Round 3 Sheets – practice!
Case Play Jeopardy!

In 2022, Marilyn Bowker was awarded the ‘Marilyn Bowker’ Award !       

Noelle Cole was awarded the distinguished 2022 Official of the Year                            



Session Descriptions – COMING SOON:

Stunts for Safety – Stunning Stunts – Stunts that might Stump
Tumbling and Jump Technique – This session will cover several “groups” of stunts and talk
through technique, form, and legalities. We will cover correct form, common
errors and deductions, and possible penalties for extended stunts, transitions
and dismounts, pyramids, spinning stunts, release stunts, and several other
commonly used stunts (inversions, suspended rolls, flatbacks, T-drops, etc.).
Panel Rd 1 & 2 – This session is for panel judges looking to develop or fine-tune
their system of judging rounds 1 & 2. In particular, judges will be encouraged to
take a deeper look at (and refine) the system they use to generate their scores.
The main topics will be the analysis and utilization of the 0-10 scale, assigning
deductions on skills & jumps, judging non-skill/jump categories, and utilizing
this system from team to team. The objective is for judges to leave the session
feeling more comfortable and confident with the system they use to judge
teams fairly and consistently.
Case Plays Jeopardy! – Join Paula McCallister and Bonnie Koenig
for a deep dive into the new cheer manual. This session will include a look at case plays and their
corresponding page numbers and tips and tricks to easily find what you’re
looking for in record time!


Photos from previous trainings:

Thank you to all who have attended the MCJA Fall Conferences in past years!  We value your feedback – please follow up by taking this SURVEY.  Your thoughts and ideas help guide the MCJA future trainings.


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