Paying homage to one of the best in the cheer community and honoring her legacy!

The MCJA Marilyn Bowker Award is presented as recognition for the accomplishments and contributions of the recipient over the course of a career with cheer.  Named after one of Michigan’s leading organizers of Competitive Cheer, Marilyn Bowker.  The recipient of this award will have shown dedication to educating and mentoring officials in Competitive Cheer.  Membership in MCJA, registration with MHSAA, consistent contributions to the sport of Competitive Cheer and the advancement of equity in girls educational athletics.  Recipients of the Marilyn Bowker Award may be nominated by anyone, but will be voted on and approved by a majority vote of the MCJA Executive Board.  The award will be given out on an as needed basis, and will be limited to one recipient per calendar year and announced at the annual Fall Training.

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