Judging Mechanics
Judging Mechanics

Help in becoming an educated, prepared and professional official.


Professionalism: the conduct, aims or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person.

Officiating Competitive Cheer

Judges of Girls Competitive Cheer are required to wear a solid white blouse/shirt or top and solid black skirt or dress slacks. Any additional garments such as a blazer, sweater or designated quarter-zip shall be black. Judges must wear their MHSAA Officials Emblem on the left pocket area of the blouse, blazer, sweater or quarter-zip or suspended on a black lanyard worn around the neck.

Prior to judging any Competitive Cheer event, a judge must register with the MHSAA for the current year and be able to identify herself/himself with an MHSAA ID number. It is recommended that at least two safety judges and three judges be contracted for a meet.

Reminder: if you sign a contract for a meet you are expected to officiate. If you have an emergency, it is your responsibility to notify the host school, try to find a replacement and also to notify the meet manager of your replacement. Remember the teams are counting on you to officiate. It is not best practice to sign a contract, then have a better offer for the same day and not honor the original contract. Emergencies and employment changes occur, but please try to find a replacement and notify the meet manager as soon as possible. When replacing an official at an event it is a good idea to call the school and let them know who you are replacing. It is also best practice that you keep in mind conflicts of interest. If you are directly affiliated with a team or have coached within the last 12 to 18 months in a certain division it is probably not ethical to judge those schools.

MCJA takes pride in training officials. MCJA wants member officials to be known as professional.

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